Improv Classes for participants aged 60 and above

We're thrilled to finally announce our new offering of improv classes for participants aged 60 and above.

Due to an increased demand and desire among our community to provide training for senior students eager to learn improv, we will launch our Improv +60 classes in early 2024. Both in English and Danish.

To experience what our classes would be like we invite you to join our free introduction class, before you sign up to our class programme. Learn how improv will renew your energy, boost your creativity, and provide you with new friendships and connections through the power of play.

We have classes in English and Danish.

Register below today, and invite your friends, family or colleagues.

Click on the events below to register. If the course is full, please do register for the waitlist, and we will accommodate additional interest with new intro dates.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions, we're here to help you take the first step into a world of play:
+45 71999833

To help us schedule, and to accommodate your time preferences, please fill out the form below to join our 60+ ENG waitlist

Thank you! For your interest in our 60+ Improv classes offerings, we will inform you about new classes as soon as they are scheduled.

The Improv Training Centre team
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Meet your Intro teachers

Our Intro teachers are experts in improvisation, and always excited to introduce new people to the world of improv

Gordon Torbet

Gordon comes from a professional acting background. But he was happy to give up the scripts and rehearsals more than 15 years ago for the joy of improvising.

As one of Denmark's most experienced improvisers and teachers, he's also one of the most hilarious character improvisers we have at the ICC. Gordon loves the community, and teaching people the skills of improv.

Marius Lathey

Marius is one of our veteran performers at the ICC Theatre and also one of our most experienced teachers and corporate workshop facilitators.

After completing his ICC training he further went on to study with some of the world's best improvisers.

Øyvind Fossum

Øyvind, with the name that cannot be pronounced, is an experienced improviser from Norway. Øyvind is an alumni of the ICC school of improv. He took level 4 twice. To this day it is still unclear whether he failed it or just really took a liking to level 4.

Improv gave and continues to give Øyvind so many laughs and so much joy. As such, he is passionate about giving both the laughs and the joy of improv to others through his teaching.