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English Comedy shows

The ICC theatre presents some of the best improv shows in Europe. Perfect for a night out with friends, if you are tourists visiting Copenhagen or that very special date night. Shows are all in English


Develop yourself in a safe space and join our international community, as over 2000 people have already done. Improv training is a great way to become more confident, outgoing and creative.

Corporate training

We use improvisation and acting techniques to strengthen your team. We train in team building, presentation skills, storytelling, positive communication, creativity and psychological safety

Next four upcoming english comedy shows:

CIIF21 Premium show – Saturday 23rd October

Location: Det Ny Teater Time: 20:30 - 22:15 During this CIIF21 Premium show there will be performances by: Stranger Things Have Happened (The Netherlands) Stranger Things Have Happened is proud to bring to Copenhagen their classic brand of razor fast, whip smart short form improv comedy. Incorporating musical numbers, murder, mildly irritating relatives, searches for love, communing with […]

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Det Ny Teater, Gl. Kongevej 29
København, 1610 Denmark
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“Improv Made You a Mixtape” – Improv Comedy Show

Improv Made You A Mixtape Rewind to your dearest, weirdest, most fabulous music memory and loop us in on why a certain song or album is so special to you. As the Rockstar that you are, expect to be interviewed about your song or album choice. We will take anything and everything: From songs you […]

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The ICC Theatre, Frederiksholms Kanal 2
Copenhagen, 1220
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“The Fallen Sundays” – Improv Comedy Show

Lights! Action! Music! Our resident music improv troupe THE FALLEN SUNDAYS will dazzle you with a fully improvised musical improv comedy show, with lyrics and harmonies brilliantly created in the moment. Past shows include: “Shoes, The Musical!”and “Cookies, The Musical!” Practical information: Check out the  ICC show FAQ  for more info. All ICC improv courses are […]

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The ICC Theatre, Frederiksholms Kanal 2
Copenhagen, 1220
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“Murder of Crows” – Improv Comedy Show

Everybody cheats and lies, in this dark and dingy world inspired by the film genre from the 1920's and 40's. No one can be trusted, or can they? All MURDER OF CROWS shows are uniquely different as you the audience provide the title which inspires the show. Past shows include “The Mystery of the Wet Chandelier,” […]

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The ICC Theatre, Frederiksholms Kanal 2
Copenhagen, 1220
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Be a part of our international community, join our improv classes

At the ICC Theatre we teach individuals the benefits of improvisation in our 6-level class curriculum.

Join more than 2000+ international students who have learned improv and found an amazing and supportive community.

Take a free ‘taster’ class here to see if it is something for you OR sign up for your first course and dive right in!

Free intro classes

How can you know if improv is something for you, without trying it out first?

Most of our students started improv with a free ‘taster’ class, and you are invited to give it a go as well.

We promise you a safe and friendly learning environment and lot’s of laughter.

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Already know what improv is?
Or you feel that urge to just dive right in?

All students at the ICC Training Centre begin at Level 1A

Our classes have non-actors as well as experienced performers. But everyone can do improv. And that’s what makes our learning environment fun and totally unique.

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Improv Comedy Copenhagen
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