What is improv? 

At its heart, improvisation is about working together as a team to create something wonderful in the moment. Improv is literally for everyone because it’s all about having fun and improving as a person. It’s a great way to push the boundaries of your comfort zone in a positive and supportive environment. Remember, every second of every day is improvised. So you’re already doing it, whether you know it or not.


Where to start? 

In our Level 1A FUNdamentals class, you’ll learn “YES! AND…!”, the main philosophy of accepting and building. You’ll also learn the other building blocks of improvisation, listening, staying present, ensemble, support, deferring judgment and, most importantly, FUN.

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Yes - You are ready for your first improv class!

One of the amazing things about Improv is that it is for everyone. Whatever your age, occupation or stage in life, Improv will be beneficial to you. Improv is a great way to develop yourself and gently push the boundaries of your comfort zone. And at the same time have fun doing it.

In the ICC level 1A (and the following level 1B Improv class) you will be introduced to the "Yes, And" philosophy. Through group games and exercises, we apply the ICC philosophy to working with others, trusting yourself, and not being afraid to fail.

All our students have different reasons for doing Improv: some want to perform comedy, some want to expand their social network, some want to prepare themselves for public speaking, some just want to rediscover the notion of ‘play’. But we promise that you will become far more creative, attentive, and open to everyone around you, both in and outside of class. Sometimes you just need to reward yourself with a bit of fun!

Not convinced yet?

Try one of our fun intro to improv workshops!

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