Improv for Performance Open Course

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Language: English

Dates: Wednesdays, APRIL 15th, 22nd, 29th + May 6th
Time: 17.00 – 20.00
Cost: 7.000 Dkk Excluding Danish VAT
Teacher: Stefan Pagels Andersen, Co-founder of the ICC Theatre
Location: ICC Theatre – Frederiksholms Kanal 2, 1220 Kbh K

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ICC Communications present

Course in communication and personal performance

● Are you looking to make stronger connections when meeting new business clients?

● Do you have the desire to improve inter-office relationships, storytelling, and group dynamics?

● Would you like to deliver effective and more persuasive work presentations?

● Do you work in a dynamic team where an agile mindset is expected?

● Then an improvisation course would be a game-changer for you.

Improv Comedy Copenhagen (ICC) is one of the leading companies within Europe that works with career-driven professionals to help them excel their skills in the workplace through improvisation techniques. With 4 workshop modules, you will learn the principles that are needed to build team morale, strengthen your creative thinking, and improve personal presentation skills that will help you to deliver a more powerful performance in front of co-workers and clients.

An award-winning theatre based in Copenhagen, Improv Comedy Copenhagen has worked with a growing list of local and global companies. With our specially designed 4 module course, you will be trained by an improv expert on how to communicate more freely and make stronger personal connections that will help you broaden your professional network. Constructively using fun lessons and games, your listening and collaboration skills will improve, and you will notice how your innovative ideas will start to spring up! Brainstorming in meetings will become easier and so will your capability to build onto others ideas. The course will leave you with powerful techniques to deliver personal storytelling and impactful presentations.

The ICC Theatre has thoughtfully gathered the philosophies of improvisation and developed effective techniques that can be applied into the corporate world!

How will the classes be conducted?

In a group setting, an experienced instructor will guide you through a series of exercises in a supportive and safe environment. Our intention is to create a low- stress atmosphere for everyone to learn and grow without judgement. This is essential when learning improv and what the ICC is acknowledged for during their sessions.

What will be the focus of each class?

Module One:
Networking Techniques – In the corporate world, having a dynamic and supportive network can be the key to success. Along with a group of new students, learn networking exercises, how to connect positively with new people, improve listening and retention skills, practice conversation game changers, and relationship building.

Module Two:
Storytelling – As long as there have been humans, there have been stories. It’s how we have communicated news and learned from one another’s experiences. This is where you will learn how to verbally create a visual narrative so you can keep your audience engaged while you explain a new concept or product. Storytelling will help others relate to you, which can be a very powerful business tool. Need to make the subject of your next presentation interesting? Try telling a good story!

Module Three:
Presentation Skills – As a business professional, you understand the value an impactful presentation has on your audience. When expressing a new idea or process, whether to one person or to a room full of people, it is important to make your message stick. Improv will help you become a stronger and more effective communicator. You will learn how to add emotion to your speech, control your body language, think on the spot, and adapt to your audience. With these techniques, you will overcome the fear of failure and communicate your next presentation with more confidence.

Module Four:
Group Work and Team Dynamics – Being a part of a strong team with a positive group dynamic is invaluable. When dynamics are positive, the group functions well and gains more success when working towards a specific goal or purpose. Using improvisational exercises with your classmates, you will be encouraged to break down barriers, problem-solve, communicate, listen, accept, and

explore. Learn the tools you can use to influence the direction of a team’s behaviour or performance by staying positive and gaining trust.

Language: English

Dates: Wednesdays, APRIL 15th, 22nd, 29th + May 6th
Time: 17.00 – 20.00
Cost: 7.000 Dkk Excluding Danish VAT
Teacher: Stefan Pagels Andersen, Co-founder of the ICC Theatre
Location: ICC Theatre – Frederiksholms Kanal 2, 1220 Kbh K

Stefan Pagels Andersen has worked with some of the world’s largest corporate companies where he has successfully trained employees in the methods of Improvisation for Professional Use. Prior clients included: PETRONAS, MAERSK, CARLSBERG, World Health Organisation, ACCENTURE, DELOITTE, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, DANSKE BANK, McKinsey, Alcon, Sandoz, MARS, DTU, KU, KEA, Nordea, Spar Nord, Cobblestone, Milestone, TDC, YouSee and many more.

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Stefan has performed in more than 8 Danish Feature films, several short films, and acted at Betty Nansen and The Royal Danish Theater. Professionally performing improv since 2009, he also studied at the iO Theatre in Chicago, taking their world-recognized improv training program. After his education, Stefan organized the Copenhagen International Improv Festival which facilitated more than 60 International Improvisers. Following the Festival’s success, he was invited back to the iO Theater by iO founder, Charna Halpern, to shadow teach under some of the world’s best instructors.

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