Let’s get it wrong

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Teacher: Andel Sudik
Date(s): October 22nd
Time: 10:00– 16:00 (Lunch 12:00-13:00)
Workshop location: Stardust
Showcase: No

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In golf, if you are slicing your ball or constantly falling in one direction, a popular technique to correct this error is to do it worse. The error becomes conscious, deliberate and controlled instead of unconscious and is far easier to correct. When we start improvising we get a roadmap (rules) that set us in the right direction. In the first part of this workshop, we will pool our collective knowledge and break all the “rules.” In the second half, we’ll get more personal and exorcise our own improv demons (You know, those notes you keep getting). By the end we will have reconnected to our own personal improv values and had a shitload of fun fucking it all up.

Andel Sudik Bio:

Andel Sudik is a director, improviser, actor and writer based in Los Angeles and Chicago known for her explosive energy onstage and in the classroom as well as her experiential teaching style. She was born in Chicago, raised in California and moved back to Chicago at the tender age of 17 to study comedy and improvisation. She studied at iO(Then Improv Olympic) while performing with a social issues theater company and working two retail jobs. She was then hired by the Second City to tour. When she finished touring she moved to Amsterdam to work at Boom Chicago and write for Comedy Central News Netherlands. She returned to Chicago to write and perform in the Jeff Award award winning Second City ETC revue “We’re All in this Room Together” and has since produced countless successful two-man shows as Arch&Anděl (The Public House, Annoyance, OoB Festival) and improvisational experiences.

Andel is a faculty member of the Second City Training Center programs; A-E, Conservatory, Advanced and Teen and Youth program and has taught her workshops all over States and the world (The Improv Shop St. Louis, Monkey Business Institute Madison, OLLIE Northwestern, CLIP U of C, Bucharest, Dublin, Iceland, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, OKC, The Improv Retreat WI, The New Movement NOLA, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, OKC, Gladstone, Bar Harbor, Boston, The Improv Retreat, Improv Utopia East, U of C, Chicago Police Explorers, etc.) A sought after director in Chicago’s comedy scene, her favorite thing to do is sit in with teams (like Westside’s Improv Famous with Jay Sukow, SC’s Ex Pats, etc) or guest on cool podcasts (like Hello form the Magic Tavern, Improv Nerd, etc) and when she’s in LA she plays with her team DORN that found its roots in Chicago at iO.

She considers herself proactively pessimistic and infuses are her work-no matter how abstract-with organic honesty and emotional grounding.

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