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Teacher: Connor Thompson
Date: Friday, 14/02
Time: 18:00 – 21:30
Workshop location: ICC Training Center, Løngangstræde 37b

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 It has been said that when we “assume” we make an “ASS out of U and ME” but when it comes to improv, when we “assume” we make “our scene and our relationship a lot richer and more convincing.” The best scenes, of course, are all about the relationship. But so often, when it comes to building the relationship between two characters, we, as improvisors, are too nice. We don’t want to impose big choices on our scene partner because we don’t want to derail any choices they may have already made for themselves upon entering. But to make our relationships deep and real and (most importantly) fun, we have to make assumptions about each other: about our history, our past, about how we feel about one another. This workshop focuses on making and accepting big offers that inform our characters and launch us into scenes playing three-dimensional people with wants, needs, and past history to draw on. 

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