2 person scene work for beginners- 3-day intensive workshop with Stefan Pagels Andersen

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Advanced Scene work for beginners  – 3-day intensive workshop with Stefan Pagels Andersen

Dates: March 29th, 30th 31st
Time: 11:00 – 17:00

The price for the workshop is Eur 240 and you can only get access to CIIF18 if you apply online first. if you have already applied to participate in Copenhagen International Improv Festival 2018, you will receive a voucher that gives you a €40 discount.
Don’t worry if you have not already registered as a festival participant you can do it here and save some money on the workshop.
Please be aware if you did not register, you will have to register anyway if you sign up for the workshops unregistered.

Who can take this class?
Experience level for participants: Beginners in improv up to one year experience.

Workshop content:
The easiest way to improvise it to speak from a moment of truth, and connect with emotions. This workshop teaches you how easy it can be to connect with your scene partner on positive emotions. We’ll be working on heavily agreeing and with the “and” in the “yes, and”
You will find yourself having fun, and realize that you do not need to work that hard at all to create funny and realistic scenes. This workshop is among others inspired by Stefan working together with Jason Shotts.

Teacher BIO:
Stefan has performed in more than 8 Danish Feature films, several shorts and played theatre at Betty Nansen and The Royal Danish Theater. He’s done improv professionally since 2009. He was at iO Chicago in 2013 taking their world recognized training programme. After his education, he organized the Copenhagen International Improv Festival, that facilitated more than 60 International Improvisers. Due to the Festival’s success, he was invited back to the iO theatre to shadow teach some of the worlds best instructors by iO founder Charna Halpern. He played the character POUL in the Improvised Feature film Det Andet Liv which received very good reviews and premiered in August 2014. He’s performed at the iO Theater in the The Armando Diaz Theatrical Experience & Hootenanny (Chicago’s longest running improv show) Besides performed with some of Chicago’s best improvisers, in the fall 2014 he traveled around more than 12 cities in Europe with iO performers Lyndsay Hailey, Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto, and further 4 cities with the worlds best improv performers TJ and Dave www.tjanddave.com – shadowing their classes and doing shows. In 2015 he organized the 2015 Copenhagen International IMPROV Festival, that was opened by the US Ambassador Rufus Gifford, who also participated in the show. After spending his third summer in Chicago, he’s been in, Germany, Slovenia, Dubai, and has now teamed realized his dream of opening the first ever professional improv theatre in Denmark, The ICC Theatre.

Will there be a performance?
No not for this class unfortunately

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