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A Day Dedicated to “You”!
The focus of this master class is to get the actor to set aside all of the unnecessary elements
of improv training and replace them with a life-changing awareness of “You being on stage with you.”The most important person on stage is YOU. YOU get to notice what happens, YOU get to be aware of what’s inspiring you, YOU get to follow what energizes you, and YOU get to celebrate the surprises that YOU create. With the full-day YOU masterclass you’ll enter the world of personal awareness and presentness, of the excitement of knowing what to do the moment the moment arrives! YOU are in charge, and this workshop will be a study of–and a practice of–you connecting to you. YOU are the boss of YOU. The “YOU” “takeaways” will include:–Owning calm self-awareness at the beginning of your scenes immediately leading you to strong points-of-view.–Letting go, moving on. The beat feels like it’s over…now what? You will always know what’s the “now” about your scene. This will all lead up to you being a strong, confident, courageous actor, producing scenes that will most surprise…you.

Dates:  Monday  04/11, Tuesday 05/11, Wednesday 06/11 and Thursday 07/11
Time:  18:00 – 22:00
Location: ICC Training Center, Løngangstræde 37B, Copenhagen
Price: 1800 DKK

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