ICC Talent Pool

The Talent Pool is our program for highly motivated individuals who have a strong want to become performers at ICC and push themselves further as improvisers.

You have completed all of ICC’s courses and you are hungry to continue developing as a performer – what now?

If you love the shows you watch at ICC, you have had a lot of fun and excitement doing showcases and you dream of being part of one of our main stage casts, then Talent Pool is for you!

It is basically the best way to fast track your growth as an improv performer in a friendly, fun and professional environment with peers who are equally motivated to deliver greatly entertaining show experiences to audiences.

You will ultimately have a lot of fun while also being challenged as a performer and raise your level of confidence on stage.

In the Talent Pool, you will:

  • Do a show every Sunday and have rehearsal every 2 weeks.
  • Get direct feedback on your improvising from the Talent Pool coaches.
  • Continue to be challenged for your further development as an improviser.
  • Work on stagecraft including projecting, hosting, asking for suggestions and much more.
  • You will get access to recordings of all your Sunday shows.
  • Experience ICC guest teachers in the rehearsals to give you even more perspectives.
  • You will get early access to sign up for special workshops with premium teachers visiting ICC.

The Talent Pool will be divided into 3 focuses with 4 weeks dedicated to each focus. It will be different teacher teaching each focus.

The 3 focuses:

1) Scene work & short Form (Thomas Andersen)
Building trust / Understanding each other / Group work / Scene work / Character work /
Fast play / big reactions / Genres & Emotions / Miming & Guessing games.

2) Formats & stage skills (Gordon Torbet)
Montage / Armando / Harold / Typewriter / Pretty Flower / Narrative improv
Projection / Stage picture / Scene tempo variety /

3) Prepping for mainstage (Marius Lathey)
Hosting / Presentation / Identity / Professionalism / Warm-up / Post show / Feedback

After each 4-week period you will have a personal feedback session with the teacher.

TP classes are every second Sunday and members will perform every Sunday at our community show nICCe Sunday’s. After each Sunday show they will have a feedback session with the teacher focussing on the show. You will also get access to recordings of the Sunday shows, get all the discounts in the bar as well as early access to sing up for special workshops with premium teachers visiting the ICC.

To get accepted into the Talent Pool you will have to first apply for the audition and, if accepted, then pass the audition. This audition is held every 6 months (February & September). Details for the next audition here.

If you pass the audition you will be in the Talent Pool for the next 6 months and then audition for the Main Stage Casts. If you pass this audition you will move out of the Talent Pool and join a Main Stage Cast. Or continue your development in the Talent Pool until the next Main Stage Cast audition.

Please be aware that your acceptance into the Talent Pool does not guarantee you will join a Main Stage Cast. This is purely a decision made after the audition by ICC’s artistic board. Performing is an individual path and the ICC cannot make any promises in this regard.

As mentioned above the Talent Pool is for performers serious about their own development. You will be expected to commit to rehearsals and shows and prioritize these highly in your life. Think of the Talent Pool as further education in improvising and show training that you sign up and commit to for the next 6 months.
The Talent Pool is limited to 16 spaces to ensure quality training. We expect members of Talent Pool to take it seriously and value both their own but also their fellow performers’ time.
We hope you find the above intriguing and that you want to apply for the next Talent Pool audition. We look forward to working with you and making you the best performer possible!



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