You’ve completed all of ICC’s training – what now? You love doing improv, the ICC Theatre and having a good time with likeminded people. You don’t aspire to performing in front of an audience, which is completely cool 🙂

That’s exactly why we have created the ICC Patron program!

As an ICC Patron, apart from getting a bunch of benefits, you meet up regularly with the other ICC patrons and have a ton of fun doing improv, always facilitated by an experienced ICC teacher.

Being an ICC Patron means you will get together with wonderful like-minded improvisers at ICC every second Friday (Even weeks) for a 2-hour session of fantastic improv fun between 17:00 – 19:00!

This is basically the place to have all the fun you can possibly imagine and the following benefits:

• 2 hours of energetic and fun improv every second week (Fridays 17:00-19:00)
• Attractive ICC student discounts at the ICC bar
• Free access to all “nICCe Sunday” shows
• Discounted access to Thursday shows (50, – instead of 80, -)

Various ICC teachers will be leading the fun frenzy at the sessions. We want to experience as much joy as possible together doing old favorits of improv games and exploring new stuff within the wonderful world of improv.

If you have a long- or short-term intention to audition for the ICC Talent pool, then the ICC Patron program can be the used to keep those improv muscles in shape, even though the focus will be on having fun.


The ICC Patron program is by application only. If you are interested please submit the ICC Patron application* and we will get back to you within 14 weekdays (most likely quicker).

The ICC Patron works like a gym membership with a monthly automated subscription.

Application: ICC Patron application.
Prerequisite: All ICC levels completed.
Price: 600 DKK per month automated subscription**


*Please be aware ICC Patron applicants are selected at the discretion of ICC. That means there is no guarantee you will become an ICC patron by applying.

** ICC Patron subscription cancellation to be submitted before the last day of the month.
(Example: You cancel your subscription 16th of August. You will be charged for all of September.)

Contact information

Improv Comedy Copenhagen
Frederiksholms Kanal 2
1220 København K


CVR: 37400742

Konto- og reg. nr: 7631 2034499
IBAN kontonummer : DK7776310002034499