What is GymProv?

GymProv is an opportunity for current ICC students and level 5 graduates to keep working those improv muscles.

A GymProv membership is for you if you:

–   Want to maintain your Improv fitness for the next Talent Pool audition

–   Miss the ICC community and getting your improv reps in

–   Are an improv machine and where a weekly class just doesn´t cut it

As a GYMPROV member you´ll meet up at the ICC theatre every second Sunday (Even weeks) together with wonderful like-minded improvisers.

The session will always be run by an experienced ICC facilitator that will get your pulse pumping playing your favourite improv games, all the while working those abs through 2 hours of gut-wrenching laughter.


With your GYMPROV membership you will receive the following benefits:

–   2 hours of energetic and fun improv every second week (Sunday´s 3 -5pm)

–   Free access to all “nICCe Sunday” shows and open stage performance spots

–   Discounted access to Thursday shows (50, – instead of 95, -)

–   Attractive ICC students’ discounts at the ICC bar

This is basically the place to stay improv ripped whilst having all the fun together with new and old friends.



–   GymProv monthly subscription: 400kr. (Min period 3 months).


Terms and conditions

–  GymProv membership is exclusive for all ICC students and level 5 graduates.

– GymProv subscription cancellation to be submitted before the last day of the month.
(Example: You cancel your subscription 16th of August. You will be charged for all of September.)

Contact information

Improv Comedy Copenhagen
Frederiksholms Kanal 2
1220 København K


CVR: 37400742

Konto- og reg. nr: 7631 2034499
IBAN kontonummer : DK7776310002034499