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What will you learn?

Level 1B is the second half of our ‘FUNdamentals’ courses and picks up where Level 1A left off. In this course, you will continue to develop the fundamental key skills of Improv:

  • Yes, and…
  • Active listening
  • Non-judgment
  • Embracing mistakes
  • Making connections
  • Leading and being led
  • Supporting your team members

You will learn how to be even more confident and comfortable creating ideas without any preparation – this can be in performance but it can also be applied in every aspect of your life. The focus of our FUNdamentals – Level 1A and 1B classes is not on performing, as much as it is on having fun and learning the fundamentals of improv in a safe setting.

I loved how much fun the FUNdamental – Level 1B course was. And also how it further expanded on what we learned in level 1A.

Mariana P.

You will learn how to:

  • Explore scene creation techniques (creating imaginary environments and objects)
  • Become more comfortable expressing yourself in front of others
  • Learn how to support each other through real teamwork
  • Embrace the challenge and fun in not knowing what’s going to happen next!
  • Start to experiment with comedy and creating comedic characters

Now that you have been introduced to the key skills, in Level 1B we start to implement them within the framework on creating improvised scenes. It might sound scary, but as you know from Level 1A, we ease our way as a group through every step of this process. 

What happens in the Course?

Each course is taught with the same group of people each week. The classes are conducted through fun group games and active exercises. Involving all participants or divided into smaller groups. You will mainly be standing, so wear something comfortable.

Who will be teaching?

Our qualified professional teachers (which also perform at the ICC Theatre) ensure that everybody is treated equally and constantly given a focus for all their creative energy. Our goal is to make the course comfortably challenging for you as part of a team, and in a psychologically safe environment. 

At the same time, we take great care to understand the individual challenges of all participants so they always feel included and a part of the team. Click on a specific course to see who will be your teacher.

How long is the course?

The courses run for 8 weeks with 1 class/week. Class duration 2 hours.

When do classes take place?

All year round – We run 5 terms with 8 week courses every year and 4 day intensive course (same curriculum) during vacation periods e.g. summer.

Where do the classes take place?

All classes take place in the centre of Copenhagen. Either in our cosy ICC theatre on Frederiksholms Kanal (200m from Strøget) or in our dedicated ICC Training Centre at Løngangstræde, just around the corner from the Theatre. Click on a specific course to see the location.

What else is inclded in the course?

  • 2 free show tickets if you use our Early Bird deal. (sing up minimum 2 weeks before the start date).
  • A field trip with your class and teacher to a show at the ICC theatre
  • An ICC Student card that gives you free entrance to all “nICCe Sunday” shows and discounts at the ICC Theatre bar.
  • A membership to the ICC community full of creative people.

All of us from L1A continued to L1B together, which was awesome. We were basically laughing for 2 hours straight every week!

Marko W.

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