Want to try improv? Meet new people?

Have a ton of fun and laughs?

Then join us for a


Intro to Improv Workshop!

The intro to Improv workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new in a fun and supportive environment.

No previous experience is required.
– Everyone is welcome whether you are wanting to explore new activities, wanting to become more comfortable with everyday social interactions or are an aspiring performer.

Improv training is based around teamwork, supporting each other and building on each others ideas.

In the intro workshop you will be introduced to exercises that are fun, engaging and designed for personal growth.

The sessions are led by an experienced Improv teacher and are a brief glimpse into the core values of the ICC Training Centre, in a friendly, safe and supportive environment.

It’s a great way to experience what makes our improv training so popular, and the benefits you can get out of improv training.

How can improv benefit you?

Many of our previous students say that improv made them more confident, outgoing, creative and that the skills they’ve learned through improv have helped them in situations such as public presentations, work situations, meetings and even job interviews.

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