This Code of Conduct applies to teachers, performers and staff of the ICC Theatre.

ICC aims to make improv open and accessible to everyone. ICC aims to provide a fun, friendly, encouraging, trusting, safe and supportive environment where people can enjoy learning, performing and watching improv.

We believe that everyone from all backgrounds can enjoy learning, performing and watching improv. We aim to provide the best training, resources, shows and community that we can to support all improvisers and audiences.

We aim to provide a supportive and welcoming environment to people of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, physical abilities, cultural views, sexual orientations, religions and nationalities, and are currently working to encourage greater diversity and accessibility in the improv scene.

ICC does not tolerate harassment of any kind. Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and will result in suspension and removal from class without refund.

In the event of any dangerous, criminal, or violent behaviors at the Training Center or related facilities this will result in termination. Termination is final and the student will not be permitted to take any further classes at the ICC Training Center.

If you have a concern or complaint, or are worried about the behaviour of a fellow improviser, teacher, director or audience member, please reach out to any of the following:
CEO and Head of the Training Center Kasper Jacobsen
Co-Owner Stefan Pagels Andersen
Artistic Director and Head of Training Jay Sukow
Head of Support Staff Sarah McGillion

We offer a variety of people so you can talk to so that you can choose who you are most comfortable with. Your concerns will be listened to and follow up actions agreed and carried out where appropriate. All concerns will be addressed in the strictest confidence between you and your welfare officer only, and will not be communicated to anyone else in ICC without your permission.

Talking to us helps us to continue to provide a safe and supportive space, and speaking up will never result in you losing places in shows or similar.

To help this we also ask our students and teachers to follow the guidelines below:

–  Improvise from a place of fun, love, kindness and respect for your fellow improvisers and audience.

–  Support each other, in and out of class. on stage and off stage.

–  Work together as a team.

–  Listen to your scene partner.

–  Collaborate with your scene partner, unless it is unsafe or demeaning to do so.

–  Collaborate with, rather than compete with, your fellow improvisers.

–  Respect physical boundaries and don’t do anything physically dangerous to yourself or your scene partner.

–  Respect sexual boundaries, on and off stage.

–  Safety, trust and support is always more important than the temporary existence of an improv scene. So if in doubt, stop the scene, and you won’t be made to feel bad for doing so.

– Consumption of drugs, alcohol, or use of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) during class is prohibited

–  Wanton destruction of physical class space, which includes but is not limited to the walls, chairs, lights, doors, and other Training Center and Theatre property

–  ICC is not reliable for any injuries or damages on material and personnel that might happen during the classes and workshops.

–  ICC can not be held reliable for any financial issues that might occur that should prevent the workshops from happening

–  Risky subject matter in scenes is to be treated with full emotional intelligence, and your teacher is there to help you with this.

–  Help us to create an environment free from sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism or harassment of any kind, on and off stage.

Students should be aware that Improv Comedy requires you to explore your emotions and emotional relationships – both past and present – and therefore if you feel any strong sensitivity to these explorations, you may find your Improv experiences more challenging.

Please do not use mobile phones or computers in improv workshops. If you need to take notes, bring a pad of paper and pen, so as not to be distracting to others.

Our Code of Conduct came from recent consultation with various improvisers, performers, students and professionals.

We also received advice and information from other theatre companies and organisations. We’d appreciate your thoughts. If there is anything you would like to add or change please us at:


You hereby agree that ICC and all companies affiliated with ICC is allowed to send you relevant information about the ICC Theatre, Training Centre and other activities made under the ICC umbrella of Improv Comedy Copenhagen ApS.

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