Welcome to the ICC Training Center

Copenhagen’s most fun, friendly and successful place to learn improv.

All of our improv courses, classes and workshops are conducted in the center of Copenhagen by our qualified teachers – and in English.

The classes are incredibly fun, sociable and enjoyable. We create a really safe, supportive and playful atmosphere and there is always a lot of laughter in the room!

Our improv classes, courses and workshops are open to everyone. You don’t need any previous experience with drama, acting, comedy or improv at all.

ICC Training Center structure

The ICC Training Center offers many different improv classes, courses, and workshops. The levels 1A to 5 are the backbone of the training center.

Besides the levels 1A to 5, we also offer special workshops with specific improv focus. And for those interested in performing the Talent pool is the place to get to.

If you are new to improv then our FUNdamentals – Level 1A course is perfect for you. At ICC we are all about creating a friendly, supportive environment where we all can have fun and be playful while learning amazing skills.

Impro, Improv or improvisation – whatever you want to call – it differs from stand-up comedy because most of what you do in an improv class is done as a group, not an individual – you collaboratively create dialog, actions, story and characters in the moment.

Improv is based upon people being present, playful and spontaneous. It is the ultimate team game with everybody working together, listening to each other, and building on each other’s ideas to create stories and scenes in the moment. Individual improvisers don’t have to be individually clever, fast or funny. It is more about collaboratively working and playing to build something greater together.

Are you completely new to improv? Absolutely no problem. You don’t need ANY stage experience like acting, improv or stand-up comedy. You don’t have to be particularly clever, quick-thinking or naturally funny either.

People from all professions and backgrounds take our improv courses because it’s a great place to relax after work and do all the fun bits without the commitment of regular rehearsals or learning lines.

Our improv classes are suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced actors and improvisers. Improv is for all ages and all backgrounds, everyone is welcome.

In fact, our  students have so many different reasons for doing Improv: Some just want to do soomething that’s fun; some really appreciate the way our improv classes challenge you to think on your feet in the moment; some want to perform; some really enjoy the connection you feel with other people; some want to be better at public speaking or business presentations; some want to rediscover the notion of ‘play’ to further develop their creativity. And if you really want to perform, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to take your skills to the next level.

We teach improv through fun, engaging group games and exercises and you get to do scenes as well. Our courses are conducted mostly through standing exercises which you will be doing with the group or part of the group.

Whatever your reason an ICC improv course will benefit you.

We also have the friendliest community in Copenhagen, spanning more that 35 different nationalities, most of whom you’ll meet at our weekly community show nights.

Start your Improv journey NOW, click on the course of your choice.

Improv FUNDAMENTAL program:

The two courses make up our fundamental improv program. During 1A and 1B we will, in a fun way, introduce you to the fundamentals of improv.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back for all of our FUNdamentals – level 1A courses. Read more in our course FAQ.

Improv core program:

The level 2 through level 5 courses make up our core program where you will really get deep into learning how to improvise through learning the ICC style of both short-form and long-form improv. All courses from level 2 and up conclude with a showcase.

Improv ADVANCED program:

For advanced students, we have the ICC Talent Pool which is open to all students who have completed both the FUNdamental and core program (levels 2 through 5). The program offers training in wider aspects of improv and includes weekly performances to hone your skills. All performers on the ICC Theatre main stage have gone through the full training program at the ICC Training Centre.

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