In the FUNdamentals – Level 1B course you will be introduced to even more fun games and exercises and expand on what you already learned in FUNdamentals – Level 1A like.

– Building on each other’s ideas (The philosophy of “Yes, And)

– Not judging yourself or others

– Believing in yourself.

– Finding value in mistakes.

– Constructive co-creation.

– Active listening.

On top of that you will start to be more confident in your creative and expressive abilities and begin to trust your classmates even more. One thing we promise is that you will continue to grow through improv at ICC, which you by now will have felt the positive impact of both in and outside of our classes.

All the FUN you had in Fundamentals – Level 1A? Well that will only continue in FUNdamentals – Level 1B so reward yourself and sign up NOW!

The ICC FUNdamentals – level 1B courses run as:

7-week (one 2.5-hour class per week)


4-day intensive courses (5-hours per day).

Included in all FUNdamentals – Level 1B courses are:

– 2 FREE show tickets when you take advantage of the Early Bird deal (check out our FAQ).

– A trip together with your teacher and the rest of your class to see a show at the ICC Theatre.

– An new ICC Student card which gives you huge discounts in the ICC bar as well as FREE access to ALL ‘nICCe Sunday’ shows and jams.

– Membership of a vibrant and creative community.

Continue your Improv journey NOW, sign up TODAY!

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