Registering for CIIF19 is important if you want to make sure to be able to guarantee a slot at the festival.

The steps needed to register is easy:
1. Fill out the form below
2. Pay the Registration Fee (20€)
3. Done - You will receive and email with further instructions!

If you want to perform with your own team, you and your teams has to have agreed upon a Team Captain, who are responsible for the the communication with us. IF you want to perform with your own team AND have not decided on a Team Captain yet, please wait to fill out the form until you have done so.

ALL TEAM MEMBERS HAVE TO FILL OUT THE FORM, so please make sure to ask your team members to register through this form.

Do you have any more questions?
You can probably find the answer in our FAQ, if not you are welcome to send us an email to

Contact information

Improv Comedy Copenhagen
Frederiksholms Kanal 2
1220 København K

CVR: 37400742

Konto- og reg. nr: 7631 2034499
IBAN kontonummer : DK7776310002034499