So, you want to take part in CIIF18? Then you have come to the right page!

Due to the huge interest in participating in CIIF17 last year, it is necessary to sign up to participate in CIIF18 (sign-up fee 20 EUR). You find the application form down below.

Before getting started; first, more important info:
You are only able to apply for yourself because it's important for us to give you a personal service. Therefore it is necessary for everyone to apply individually. It is also because the email submitted during this application process is uniquely linked to you, therefore, please always use the same e-mail for applications, purchase purposes, or contacting festival management.
Sign up for the festival as a participant is on a first come first served basis.

What is the Participant Fee?
The Participant Fee is your entry point to take part in the festival. It is not possible to register for CIIF18 workshops unless you have signed up for CIIF18. Workshops and show tickets are not included in the Participation Fee. However, the €20 fee will be returned to you in the form of a discount for the same amount when you sign up for your first workshop course at the festival. If you sign up for a workshop before the 10/2-2018 then you will be entitled to a further €20 early bird discount.

What does the Participation Fee give me?
As a paid-up participant and member of the CIIF18 Facebook group you will automatically be given ample advanced notice of the available workshops before they are announced to the general public. This way you are assured first choice and the best possible opportunity to take part in the workshops of your choice.

If I want to attend a workshop, do I have to pay the Participation Fee?

Can I join any of the workshops?
Once the workshops are announced, you can attend any workshops but you will need to register and pay before you can attend. Please note: some of the workshops might be ONLY suitable for more experienced improvisers. If this is the case, it will be stated on the registration page of that workshop. If you are new to improvisation, these workshops will not be suitable for you. Instead, check out the ICC Theatre beginner classes here

Do I have to pay for the workshops on top of my Participation Fee?
Yes. We hope you appreciate that we are offering week-long workshops by some of the best-known international teachers. As stated above, the amount of the Participation Fee will be given as discount when you sign up for your first workshop.

Can I go and see shows as a paid-up participant?
Yes, but the price of the show is not included in the Participation Fee.

Does this €20 payment give me free entrance to the shows?

If I am not a paid-up participant, can I still see the shows?
Yes. The shows are open to the public, so anyone can see them as long as they buy a ticket.

Lastly, what is a festival without performances? Still a festival, technically, but arguably not one as fun as CIIF18 (and we do argue that).
If you would like to perform during the festival, either with your own team or as part of a CIIF mix* team, you can find the CIIF18 performance application right here.

*A mix team consists of different single performers who, perhaps due to logistical reasons, don’t have their own team to perform with, or just want to mix and work with new improvisers!

Now that you are filled in, to get started, please fill out the application form below – thank you, we look forward to receiving it!

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