We won’t bring you another Power-Point speech, but instead deliver an engaging workshop, that involves and challenges your organisation in a high-paced, supportive environment that leaves them with confidence you never thought possible.
ICC has the most experienced facilitators within American improv in Denmark, who have worked in more than 40 cities all over the world with thousands of students. The techniques we teach have continuously been shown to improv(e) team performance which is why they have been covered in such media as Forbes Magazine, Business Insider and The New York Times.

“After the improv theatre, I left the session feeling energized, encouraged and excited to apply the takeaways I gathered as a direct result of the dialogue with Stefan”

Chief HR Officer

PETRONAS, Malaysia

“What a fun way to learn! ICC facilitated a great Improv Class, which was both educational and hilarious, it was a great way to push our own boundaries and get tools to bring our clients into the new. Thank you for a great experience!

Sandra Espinosa

Management Consultant, Accenture

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Our Happy Customers

Just some of the companies we have worked with

” I had the best time of my life!”
– Alexander Krujatz – CEO, Sandoz A/S

Let's give your team theirs!

We’ve worked with thousands of people in the corporate sector, and not one client is the same. Let’s talk about how we can tailor a session towards your teams needs!


Imagine an environment where all of your employees feel free to play of each other to generate new and exciting ideas. Where no one is afraid to listen and respond in the moment – both to colleagues and to clients. Where teamwork and team morale flourish within a framework for creative thought and invention. By applying the techniques used in improvisation we can help your company with communication, marketing, team building, presentation skills, conflict resolution and encouraging creativity.


Our standard session is three hours, however, because each training is customized to the individual needs of the business, we can spend an entire work day with your team, have a few sessions throughout weeks or months, or schedule a session for as little as 90 minutes. This is the minimum me we recommend in order for the participants to loosen up, relax, and get the most out of it.


A defining characteristic of our corporate training is that each session caters specifically to the needs and desires of your business. A member of ICC will contact you to discuss your goals and what you feel your company needs to be the most comfortable and excited about the program.
Whether you are a sales group that wants to enhance internal and external communication or a team working to creatively develop
a new product or brainstorm ideas, ICC facilitates and leads a fun, engaging and dynamic session for your business.


We have conducted successful trainings for CEOs, marketing groups, HR-managers and almost everything in between. In our experience the training is most beneficial when everyone joins in. We encourage leaders and those in charge of implementing the training to participate. We will discuss/elaborate on this with you when customizing your training session.


Teaching your employees to agree and build on each other’s ideas is a powerful investment.

Read why the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo believes improv is valuable in business.


Building Trust and Support in the workplace strengthens employees motivation to achieve more and gives them a higher work satisfaction.

Read this FORBES article about how businesses can benefit from the techniques in improv.

Improve your business

Our experienced team building facilitators have what it takes to motivate your team and invite them into the mindset needed for a successful business.

Finans.dk visited ICC during a workshop with 21 global HR executives. Read about it here


Let us take care of the entertainment at your next business event. Our performers are professional, experienced and best of all – entertaining! We perform both in Danish and English!

Tell us your needs and we will customise an improvised comedy show for your next event.

What we teach

ICE-Breaking Session (The fun Session) – Are we more engaged in what we do when we have fun at the same time? – We truly believe so, thats why in this ICE-breaking session, we will introduce you to a bunch of high energy fun games. With the group on the floor, everyone will engage in the session, getting out of their comfort zone and explore new sides of them selves, all in a safe and supportive way with the result of a ton of laughter and a bunch of personal development in the end.


Networking Techniques – In the corporate world, having a dynamic and supportive network can be the key to success. Through improvisation techniques the group will learn networking exercises, how to connect positively with new people, improve listening and retention skills, practice conversation game changers, and relationship building.


Storytelling – As long as there have been humans, there have been stories. It’s how we have communicated news and learned from one another’s experiences. This is where you will learn how to verbally create a visual narrative so you can keep your audience engaged while you explain a new concept or product. Storytelling will help others relate to you, which that can be a very powerful business tool. Need to make the subject of your next presentation interesting? Try telling a good story!


Presentation Skills – As a business professional, you understand the value an impactful presentation has on your audience. When expressing a new idea or process, whether to one person or to a room full of people, it is important to make your message stick. Improv will help you become a stronger and more effective communicator. You will learn how to add emotion to your speech, control your body language, think on the spot, and adapt to your audience. With these techniques, you will overcome the fear of failure and communicate your next presentation with more confidence.


Group Work and Team Dynamics – Being a part of a strong team with a positive group dynamic is invaluable. When dynamics are positive, the group functions well and gains more success when working towards a specific goal or purpose. Using improvisational exercises the team will be encouraged to break down barriers, problem solve, communicate, listen, accept, and explore. Learn the tools you can use to influence the direction of a team’s behaviour or performance by staying positive and gaining trust.



Positive Communication – What we WANT to say and what we ACTUALLY say is not always the same. Through fun and insightful improvisation exercises the participants will discover the power of communication. And how being aware of our positive vocabulary can actually inspire and motivate our surroundings. Unfortunately if we’re having a negative vocabulary we can do the exact opposite. – That’s what we will make an end to in this workshop.

What we deliver


We can:
Facilitate up to 800+ people at the same time
Facilitate 5-25 people per teacher
Facilitate your team at our theatre or at your office

Our experienced teachers facilitate valuable Team Building Workshops that develop Communication Skills, Team Collaboration, Storytelling, Presentation Skills and more!

Our workshops for business expand your team’s capacity for cooperation and builds openness to new ideas.

From improving active listening to raising confidence in solving challenges, improv creates leaders and teams that flourish. Improv is a perfect method for gaining personal self-confidence and training teams in the art of persuasion.

All while having fun, being silly and letting go at work, which adds up to a happier, more creative and productive work environment.

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