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Sunday shows
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The most amazing thing about improv is that EVERY show is unique. Based on an audience suggestion, a hilarious show develops and ends right before your eyes!


More than 500 people, from all walks of life, have already taken an improv class with us and LOVING it! Improv is for everyone and the benefits immediately spread to the rest of your life.


What is the ICC Theatre?

ICC Theatre – Improv Comedy Copenhagen is comprised of three elements: A Training Center, a theatre and a corporate arm, dedicated to bringing the improvisational philosophy of “yes, and”to help drive innovation and behaviour change in businesses.

Our goal is simple: what do you need? We are here to help reinforce your message, change the culture and enhance skills needed in the ever-changing business world. We do that through customized solutions for designed for our client needs.

ICC is also home to one of Europe’s biggest improv events: The Copenhagen International Improv Festival (“CIIF”). CIIF usually takes place around Easter and is a roaring success. ICC was awarded BEST STAGE IN COPENHAGEN by AOK in 2017.


Lets get To know each other


Thank you for your support during Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We’re OPEN again.

Read about our Covid-19 initiatives in accordance with government guidelines, during shows and classes here

IMPROV Communication

Are you searching for a highly engaging and extremely educational service for your next company team-day, Kick-off meeting or executive training?  Covid-19 has taught us that being able to improvise, adapt and pivot is extremely important life skills.  Take your team through one of our amazing sessions and strengthen your team’s collaboration, psychological safety and creativity


Are you looking to grow as a person, better your communication skills, social skills or professional skills? Do as more than 700 students have done the past years. Take an ICC improv class. Learn to improve your, listening skills, teamwork, communication, confidence and the ability to think on your feet. Great for everyone, not just performers!


The ICC Theatre is the proud winner of the “Best Stage in Copenhagen”-award by
We couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone who has visited the theatre and voted for us.

See what all the fuss is about – Get your tickets below


IMPROV Communication – our corporate training department

Our experienced teachers facilitate Team Building Workshops that help develop Communication Skills, Team Collaboration, Storytelling, Presentation Skills and more!

Our workshops for business expand your team’s capacity for cooperation and builds openness to new ideas.

From improving active listening to raising confidence in solving challenges, improv creates leaders and teams that flourish. Improv is a perfect method for gaining personal self-confidence and training teams in the art of persuasion.

By having fun, being silly and letting go at work will add up to a happier, more creative and productive work environment.

What is improv?

Basically, Improv is a school of skills which teach you how to be creative, agile, collabrative and confident in any situation. On stage our performers use these skills to create a full-length comedy performance of connected scenes and characters as a team, but without any preparation, script or knowledge of how the show itself will begin or develop. Based on a spontaneous suggestion from the audience, the performers create a series of scenes, characters and monologues that are completely improvised. Moment for moment, every character and storyline is created colaboratively, and the comedy is hilarious!

The modern ‘school’ of Long-form Improv has produced many of TV and cinema’s comedy stars over the years, including Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Dan Ackroyd, John Candy, Mike Meyers, Chris Farley, Ed Asner, Stephen Colbert, Martin Short, John Belushi, and Bill Murray.

Lets get To know each other


Contact information

Improv Comedy Copenhagen
Frederiksholms Kanal 2
1220 København K

CVR: 37400742

Konto- og reg. nr: 7631 2034499
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